Cleanse for Life®, Delicious Tropical Berry! It’s a tasty way to a healthier body

Isagenix Cleasne for LifeNaturally rid your body of harmful impurities while nourishing it with vital nutrients, antioxidant botanicals, vitamins and minerals.

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What should I know about Cleanse for Life?

Everyday we’re exposed to toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the items we touch. Cleanse for Life helps give your body the nutrition it needs to cleanse itself naturally, and unlike other “cleanses,” laxatives or diuretics that can deplete your body, Cleanse for Life nourishes and feeds your entire body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicals.

How can I benefit from using Cleanse for Life?

Deep and daily cleansing with either our powder or liquid forms of Cleanse for Life, supports your mental and physical performance, resistance to stress and digestive health. It can also help protect your body from the cumulative damage of environmental toxins and oxidative stress.


What are the new updates to Cleanse for Life Natural Rich Berry Powder?

Isagenix is committed to remaining on the cutting-edge with our no-compromise ingredients and extraction technology. Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life benefits from our ongoing research and we’re proud to introduce the next evolution of this incredible product.


“When you use CFL daily, you help prevent the toxins that enter the body every day from becoming embedded in the soft tissue and cells. Plus you benefit from the powerful ingredients that are building blocks for good health and vitality.”
- John Anderson

I’ve started doing the Cleanse for Life® every day and I feel like it lights me up even more. I also do a two-day cleanse a couple of times a month.
- Karolynn D., California

I can’t imagine not cleansing my body and doing the daily cleanse every day. It gives me so much energy and has made such a profound difference. I feel better now than I’ve ever felt in my life.
- Rick R., California


What makes Cleanse for Life unique?
Cleanse for life is not a colon cleanse or laxative product. Cleanse for Life is different because it nourishes the liver and promotes cleansing the entire body on a cellular level. And unlike other products on the market that may deplete the body of vital nutrients, Cleanse for Life actually nourishes the body as it cleanses.

What are the differences between the Liquid and the powder?
The original Cleanse for Life Liquid and the Cleanse for Life Powder both provide the same nutritional cleansing benefits at the same potency level, with only slight variations in active ingredients. The main differences in the two formulations are the forms. Both are perfect for different lifestyles. The original Cleanse for Life Liquid is already blended, so there is no mixing needed. Alternatively, the Cleanse for Life Powder is portable; you can take the powder with you and mix it with water whenever you want. Both taste great.

Do I need both everyday cleansing and deep cleansing?
Nutritional Cleansing is most effective when Cleanse for Life is used as both a daily and deep cleanse. Everyday cleansing aids the body as it naturally removes the impurities you are exposed to on a daily basis. Deep cleansing aids in the removal of contaminants that have collected deep within the body tissues over time. Deep cleansing has the ancillary benefit of promoting weight loss.

How often should I use Cleanse for Life?
For everyday cleansing, use 1 scoop powder or 1-2 ounces liquid up to twice daily. For deep cleansing, use 2 scoops powder or 4 ounces liquid up to four times daily, as part of the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System. For best results, mix the powder with room temperature water, then add ice if desired. A regular cleansing regime can help improve and maintain your overall health and vitality. Refrigerate liquid after opening container.



Isagenix Cleanse for Life