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Becoming an Isagenix® Associate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  If I become an Associate, do I have to sell the products?

The answer is no, absolutely not.  When you become an Associate, you pay an annual membership fee.  This membership fee entitles you to purchase your products wholesale for a year.  You will also receive the Associate Support System, which includes your personalized Associate Website and access to your Associate Back Office.

2.  Why do I get an Associate Website if I am not intending to sell the products?

The Associate support system includes the website and your back-office.  This is so that you are able to log into your back-office and purchase your products directly from Isagenix at wholesale prices. 

3.  Are there any other fees associated with becoming an Associate or purchasing my products at wholesale prices?

No. You pay the annual fee once per year to be able to purchase your products wholesale.  The annual fee is just $39.00 USD. (Just $29.00 when you choose our convenient money saving auto-ship program).   Consider this like a Costco Membership, only it gives you the wholesale pricing, rather than retail.

4.  I only want to purchase the 9 Day program just to try it.  Why should I pay for the membership if I don't intend to order more products?

You save money, even on your first purchase, when you choose to sign up and save. 

5.  What is the difference between an Associate and a Preferred Customer?

There is no difference in the sign-up fee.  Whether you sign up to become an associate or a preferred customer, you will receive the Associate Support System including your own website and back - office.  The difference is that Associates are able to participate in the Team Compensation Plan, if they choose to. As a preferred customer you will be assigned a position in the Team Placement Tree and may upgrade to Associate Status
within one year of sign-up at no additional cost.

6.  What is Auto-Ship?

Autoship is a free, convenient service that automatically ships your favorite products to you every 30 days. You can easily change the products on your Autoship to customize your needs or your ship date at any time in the “My Orders” section of your Back Office or by contacting Customer Care at 1-877-877-8111. To cancel your Autoship contact Customer Care.

7. What’s Rewards Pricing and how can I get it?

As long as you have an Autoship, you’ll receive rewards pricing on select paks and systems, including our popular 30-day and 9-day Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems. You do not have to place these items on your Autoship to receive the rewards pricing. (North America only.)

8. What if I don’t sign up for Autoship, can I still get the discounted enrollment price?

You must sign up for Autoship at the time of enrollment in order to be eligible for the $29 enrollment fee (a savings of $10). If you are renewing your membership, as long as you are on Autoship you will be charged $29. If you are not on Autoship, the annual enrollment fee is $39. (North America only.)