IsaDelight Plus™, Power-packed, delicious, creamy dark chocolate.

Isagenix Isa Delight PlusImproves Mood. Curbs Cravings. Boosts Energy. Helps Burn Fat and Decreases Hunger.

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What should I know about IsaDelight Plus™?

Enjoy dark chocolate decadence without the guilt. This powerful green tea-enhanced treat packs an extra antioxidant boost while helping to curb cravings, increase fat metabolism, enhance mood and boost energy, leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best! Green tea contains EGCG, which guards cells against free radicals and promotes heart health. It also helps support fat burning and curbs cravings while supporting weight management goals. Just two rich and delicious treats contain the antioxidant capacity of one cup of green tea, with an ORAC value of over 5,700.

How can I benefit from eating IsaDelight Plus?

During a woman’s cycle or change of life, “feel good” chemicals can drop, which can cause sugar cravings. IsaDelight Plus helps boost your “feel good” chemicals, which can help to reduce cravings. It also contains a special blend of B Vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, which support positive mood and optimal mental energy. By curbing cravings, satisfying IsaDelight Plus strengthens your will to cleanse, promoting easy and healthy weight-management, leaving you feeling great!



“The addition of green tea to IsaDelight Plus really enhances the flavor, giving it a more exotic, European taste. You can expect greater antioxidant support, better Cleanse Days, improved mood and an even bigger energy boost. I am truly proud of this chocolate. One taste and you’ll be hooked!”
-Dr. Paul Anderson

“After eating just two IsaDelight Plus, my energy was fantastic and my moods were even better. It is so creamy and smooth. The green tea is a wonderful addition!”
-Burcay Ozer New York, NY

“If you want to feel great, lose weight and curb cravings while eating delicious chocolate, then IsaDelight Plus is for you!”
-Dr. Mark Kimes, D.C. Carmel, CA

“IsaDelight Plus is incredible. I am excited about the addition of green tea for even more antioxidant protection. My hunger was kept at bay for hours and I felt more energized and focused.”
-Susan Sly Kingston, Ontario



How can IsaDelight PLUS help stop cravings for sugar and carbohydrates?

When your “feel good” chemicals are low, you crave unhealthy foods. IsaDelight Plus boosts “feel good” chemicals, which helps curb cravings.

Why have you added green tea extract to make IsaDelight Plus?

Green tea improves the nutritional benefits of this super chocolate by providing even more antioxidant support. It may also assist in boosting fat metabolism to help with weight-management goals.

Does IsaDelight Plus contain caffeine?

IsaDelight Plus contains only 13 milligrams or less of naturally-occurring caffeine from its chocolate, which is similar to the amount found in a decaffeinated cup of coffee, or a full size chocolate candy bar.

How does IsaDelight Plus support weight loss?

IsaDelight Plus is excellent for curbing cravings throughout the day, so it is perfect for Cleanse and Shake Days. Take 1-2 chocolates up to twice daily, best taken on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after meals. New scientific studies suggest that not only does green tea extract contain antioxidant catechins (including EGCG) that help fight free radicals, but it also supports increased fat-burning potential in the body.

What makes IsaDelight Plus an even healthier treat?

Made from cocoa beans, chocolate contains many of the health benefits derived from fruits and dark vegetables. Dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoids (nearly eight times the number found in strawberries), which act as antioxidants to protect your body from free radicals. With the addition of 125mg of green tea extract, this super chocolate has even more youth-boosting antioxidant strength.