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Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse


Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

Isagenix Canada 30 Day SystemThis program is ideal for those who want to lose weight using a long-term, flexible program.
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Sign Up & Save $302 - Associate Account w/Autoship - Save $113!
  Isagenix Canada 9 Day SystemThis program is great for those who want to lose weight quickly & can commit to a strict program.
Buy Retail CA$239 or
Sign Up & Save $163 - Associate Account w/Autoship - Save $76!

Sign Up & Save and get your own Associate wholesale membership for as little as $29 ($39 without the flexible autoship - autoship can be delayed or canceled at any time) and you can order Isagenix products at wholesale prices for 12 months.

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 Top 25 Questions About Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing

Isagenix Products Now Available in Canadian Currency

Effective July 20th 2015 Isagenix has converted all sales of products and programs to Canadian Currency!

This is a welcomed change that will provide an improved experience for our Canadian customers who will no longer need to deal with $US currency conversion.

Isagenix Says ‘No!’ to Higher Prices in Canada

Canadian10thAnniversary-IsaFYI-500x500At Isagenix, we have always believed that “If it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company.”

The Best Go-To Meal After Cleanse Days

What’s the first meal you should have right after a Cleanse Day or two? Don’t think twice: Make it an IsaLean Shake or IsaLean Pro Shake.

30 Days. 90 Meals. A Healthier You.


How would you like to look and feel healthier in 30 days? You can with the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Boasting a bevy of heart-healthy and wallet-friendly benefits, the 30-Day System is flexible, easy to follow AND is perfect for helping you:

  • Lose weight: Starting a new lifestyle is rarely easy, but the 30-Day System makes it simple. By following the simple instructions, you can say “good-bye” to unhealthy eating habits and kick start your weight-loss efforts by first cleansing your body of impurities, and then feeding it the proper nutrients it needs to increase energy and reduce oxidative stress.


 Your go-to products: Cleanse for Life® and Ionix® Supreme 

The Rise of Obesity and Falling Vitamin D

If there had been an award for “Most Valuable Nutrient” of the decade, vitamin D would without a doubt be a front-runner. Every tissue and cell in the body has a vitamin D receptor, signifying its importance in everything from bone health to brain health.

Unfortunately, it’s been estimated (1) that 20 to 100 percent of U.S., Canadian, and European elderly men and women are deficient in the “sunshine vitamin”—appropriately named since it can be produced by the body when exposed to direct sunlight. While research has focused on lack of sun exposure (especially during the winter months) as a reason for vitamin D deficiency, a new player may be to blame—obesity.

In a recent study with over 42,000 people from 21 countries, researchers found a significant link between high body mass index (BMI) and low vitamin D levels (2). In fact, for each 10 percent increase in BMI there was a 4.2 percent drop in vitamin D.

A Super Saturday in Toronto!

Attention Isagenix® Associates,

Get ready to grow to new heights!  Join us on Saturday, February 16, 2013 in Toronto for nothing but the best!

Join Isagenix Scientific Advisory Members Dr. Michael Colgan and Dr. Paul Anderson for this “up front and personal” Isagenix experience.  Learn how to implement You+2, Them+2, master the art of connecting & prospecting, increase the growth and retention of your Isagenix business and create financial freedom with more flexibility for you and your family! 

For more information on this exciting event, check the “Events” section of your Back Office.

Questions? Contact

*Course schedule and trainers subject to change

Event Details:
Saturday, February 16, 2013

e+: Natural Energy, Powerful Results

E-Plus_6ct-300x260Introducing e+: the naturally-caffeinated energy shot that gets–and keeps–you going!

Let’s face it; in our fast-paced, not-enough-hours-in-the-day world, it’s easy to run down personal energy reserves. e+ is a flavorful energy-boost for everyone, formulated to help you feel refreshed and energized. And, e+ fires up your performance without the artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors found in many other energy drinks.

Pocket-sized e+ shots are convenient, great tasting, and perfect for that quick boost of energy when you need it most. The convenient 2-ounce bottle of e+ provides extra protection against fatigue, whether it’s before a workout or to help you meet a work deadline, thanks to the adaptogenic botanicals in each bottle.

Give Yourself Everything You’ll Need, Every Day.

Ready to take full command of your health, your nutrition and your future? Then it’s the Every Day Essentials Pak to the rescue!

Adding the Every Day Essentials Pak to your Autoship for your life-long journey to better health is not just a step–but a giant leap–in the right direction!

The Features

Comprised of two critically important, high-nutrition components, you’ll kick-start every day with IsaLean® Shake and Ageless Essentials™ with Product B™. Combined, these products provide a comprehensive nutritional foundation to combat everyday exposure to toxins, obesity, stress and poor nutrition.