Athlete's Pak

Isagenix Athlete's PakStaying in peak physical condition requires the right kind of nutrition.

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If you're looking to rev up your energy levels, want to maximize your workouts or are looking to boost lean muscle mass, the Athlete's Pak can take your physical fitness to the next level.

  • 2 canisters of IsaLean® Shake
  • 1 Ionix® Supreme (liquid or powder)
  • 1 IsaPro®
  • 1 Want More Energy?® (36-ct box of sticks)
  • 1 box IsaLean® Bars


“I love the Athlete’s Pak and have it on my Autoship. I recommend it because it has the best savings with Autoship and many people really like it because it comes with two canisters of IsaLean® Shake. You’re also getting Want More Energy?® and a canister of IsaPro®. This pak is especially good for people who are looking for more energy and health, but aren’t looking to lose weight.”
- Rocky D., California

"The Athlete’s Pak has become an essential part of my day and workouts. I drink two IsaLean® Shakes a day along with an IsaLean® Bar which is packed with the protein I need to put on muscle. Not enough people are using Isagenix for muscle building but trust me it has all the protein you need to get ripped."
- Clint J. Minnesota

"This has been a real eye-opener for my athlete friends, who previously thought they had a good system and optimum results . . . with the Athlete's Pak, "optimum" can be improved!"
- Deb K., New York

"My son, Colton loved the Athlete’s Pak!!. He used it for a few months before he went into basic training for the Air Force, and his graduation present request is more IsaLean® Shakes and IsaPro®."

"This is my husbands favorite product!"
- Rose N., Utah

"I love that it now includes the bars! Delish!"
- Ciji, New Jersey

"My husband has noticed a huge difference in how much energy he has during his workouts since being on the Athlete's Pak."
- Danielle G., Kansas