NEW FiberSnacks! Now Available

FiberSnacks!™, our new guilt-free, fiber-packed snack is now available!

Can a snack taste this good and really be good for you? The answer: YES. When you take a bite of Peanut Chocolate Chew FiberSnacks!, you’ll agree: It’s a delicious way to add fiber to your day. This yummy, gluten-free, 150-calorie snack delivers 24% of your recommended daily intake of fiber.

You’ll get both insoluble and soluble fiber with FiberSnacks!, as well as added protein to satisfy your hunger, so you’ll stay feeling fuller longer. This curb-craving snack is perfect for Shake Days and an ideal complement to our nutritional paks and systems.

You’ll also:
• Support healthy blood-sugar levels by slowing the absorption rate of carbohydrates
• Improve digestion
• Help maintain regularity
• Support a healthy immune system
• Get optimal nutrition on-the-go

Add fiber to your day the delicious way with FiberSnacks!. Want to learn more? Watch this short video and take a quick look at this informative flyer.

Another perk? They’re not heat-sensitive and will be fine to ship throughout the summer without the special U.S. Summer Shipping Program!

“FiberSnacks!™ is a welcomed addition to the Isagenix
product line. These delicious treats provide a gluten-free,
fiber-rich snack option that can be easily and conveniently
taken on-the-go. Even if you’re busy, you can stay satisfied
between meals.”

– Susie Rockway, Ph.D.,
Isagenix Director of Nutritional Sciences

“FiberSnacks! are a great complement to the Isagenix
Nutritional Paks and Systems. Eating FiberSnacks! on
Shake Days, which are higher in protein and lower in
fiber, can help boost your fiber intake. This can help curb
your hunger and keep your digestive system regular.”

-Nicole Kafka, M.D.
Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board Member

Visit your Back Office “My Orders” section to add yours to your Autoship order today. Plus, visit for more details on this delicious treat.

How can FiberSnacks!™ be used to complement our nutritional paks and systems?

FiberSnacks! are great on Shake Days, which are higher in protein and lower in fiber. They provide a healthy snack option that keeps your hunger curbed and your digestive system regular so that you can avoid constipation.

Are FiberSnacks! safe for kids and women who are pregnant or nursing?

Yes, FiberSnacks! are a safe snack option no matter your age. They are also safe for expectant mothers or those who are nursing.

Can I enjoy FiberSnacks! on Cleanse Days?

It is not recommended to eat FiberSnacks! on Cleanse Days. However, they are a great complement to Shake Days.

If I buy FiberSnacks!, SlimCakes® and Isagenix FiberPro™ together, will I be getting too much fiber?

The National Fiber Council recommends that men and women get between 20–38g of fiber daily, but the average North American gets only about half that amount. This is why it’s important to get your fiber from multiple sources. You can get 6g of fiber from one FiberSnacks!, 5g from one SlimCakes, and 5g from one scoop of FiberPro, which all together will offer you about half of your daily recommended intake of fiber.

Are FiberSnacks! all-natural?

Yes they are all-natural. They contain no artificial colors or flavors.

How do FiberSnacks! differ from the Isagenix SlimCakes®?

FiberSnacks! contain probiotic soluble fiber and insoluble fiber from sources that are gluten free. SlimCakes contain heart-healthy soluble fiber from oats and insoluble fiber from wheat, which both contain gluten.

Why was protein added to FiberSnacks!?

Similar to fiber, protein also helps to satisfy hunger, so you eat less and stay fuller, longer. Protein also promotes muscle growth and maintenance, while providing essential amino acids, the building blocks for the body’s cellular proteins and enzymes.

How can FiberSnacks! help me lose weight?

With filling fiber and protein, these healthy snacks help curb hunger and keep you satisfied between meals, so you don’t overeat.

Can you enjoy FiberSnacks! as a meal alternative?

At only 150 calories, FiberSnacks! should be eaten as a healthy fiber and protein-rich snack to curb hunger between meals. If you are looking for a meal alternative, IsaLean® Bars, IsaLean® Shakes and IsaLean® Soups are great options.

Isagenix FiberSnacks!